Brief Introduction

  Renmin University of China (RUC) is a key university with long-standing existence, branch superiority and international view, locating in Beijing, the capital city of China. RUC has been developed into a research-oriented comprehensive university with focus on humanities and social science, highly reputed in academic performance and international cooperation. Renmin Law School, as one of the most important schools in RUC, has glorious history and leading competence in law area.

  Asia-Pacific Institute of Law (APIL), RUC is the first to commit itself to the research and academic exchange of East Asian and Asian legal integration, cultivating legal talents in East Asian countries for turning into the education center in legal talents proficient in Asian Law within the Asia Pacific regions, turning into the significant platform for Asian Legal scholars and practitioners to exchange and cooperate in legal research and practice, and turning into the brains of realizing Asian integration and legal system coordination and into the policy consultation organization for Asian countries.

  APIL is engaged in three jobs principally below:

  1. The Research and Academic Exchange of East Asian Legal Integration

  (1) We will make “The Inheritance and Creation of East Asian Law-Facing the Basic Formation of East Asian Legal Integration” international cooperation project to be “East Asian Rule of Law Forum”, and advocate dialogue on the regional legal issues which are interested by jurists and legal practitioners in every country. Our purpose is to push the legal cooperation and coordination in East Asian regions.

  (2) East Asian Rule of Law series should strengthen communication and coordination with governments of China, Japan and South Korea, ASEAN and Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan regions when we are making efforts to advance East Asian Legal Community. APIL will bring into correspondence with academic goal for realizing this purpose and becoming the organic part of regional structure in developing.

  (3) East Asian Rule of Law series will be an open, comprehensive, academic prospective and international forum which jurists from China, Japan and South Korea will exert mastery reaction and cooperate with scholars and practitioners for advancing the comparative studies and integration of theory of rule of law, value and legal norm in East Asian Area.

  (4)Through holding seminars, legal book exchanges, international research project cooperation and exchanging scholars and students, we will promote the building and development of East Asian Legal Integration to get familiar with each other’s legal system.

  (5)Broadening and deepening the range and level between each other’s academic exchange are not only the deep research of other countries’ systems in theoretical area, but also the analysis of practice and emergency.

  2. East Asian Legal Education and Talent Cultivation

  (1) Cultivate talents who master law in East Asian nations and strengthen exchange and cooperation with Legal elites and international practitioners in East Asia and the whole Asia area. We plan to enroll 100 Jurists Masters and 50 LL.M in APIL studying Law on Anti-Monopoly, Financial Law, Economic Law, Company Law, Stock Act, IP Law, Tax Law and other professional curriculums.

  (2) Accepting about 100 students from Japan, South Korea, Australia, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan Region to study in APIL annually.

  (3) APIL will assign dozens of students to Tokyo University, Hitotsubashi University, Waseda University, Pusan National University, Korea University, Yonse University and other universities in the United States and Britain for short term or one year advanced studies every year.

  (4) APIL will establish scholarship expressly for encouraging and rewarding the students who prepare to study in Japan, South Korea and Europe and America. The scholarship will also cover the students who acquire marvelous results in Japanese Law, Korean Law, American Law and European Law.

  (5) In order to adapt to the new need of internet era, APIL will nominate scholars to carry out transnational and trans-regional education.

  3. The Think Tank and Policy Consultative Organization for Governments in East Asian Countries

  APIL set up as the high tier brand for Renmin University of China and Law School. It will provide theoretical support for governments and social organizations. Through the research of Asia-Pacific law and social systems, we will provide accurate theory and legal consulting for inter-governmental and social organizations’ exchange, dispute resolution, and key decision of the region.

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