The Cradle of the Asia-Pacific Legal Elite

  Regional integration needs international inter-disciplinary talents. At present, the talents who master exchange and legal knowledge are quite scarce. The responsibility and new mood for an advanced International Law School are to develop markets and cultivate inter-disciplinary students. On the aspect of cultivating talents, emphasizing the internationalization of exchange, diversification of discipline backgrounds and degree awarding will be the new demand for talent cultivation and modern education.

  APIL is an institution which was established under the international stratagem of Renmin University of China and Law School. As the China’s higher education institution, Law School assumes the important responsibility to train legal students. Firstly ,APIL will adapt to the new trend of legal education internationalization, develop international cooperation and exchange actively, and jointly cultivate inter-disciplinary students who have the basis of legal knowledge and the supplement of foreign languages. We will setup international courses, hold series lectures and establish APIL talent base.

  The Platform of Asia-Pacific Legal Research

  RUC is a research university. As one of the most important schools, APIL should assume the significant responsibility to strengthen the research, exert the academic advantages, and provide intellectual support for nations and society.

  APIL will make efforts to realize goals below:

  Firstly, APIL will shoulder social and scientific programs for serving the serve the overall interest, the nation and the society. After the establishment, APIL will rely on Asia-Pacific region with the purpose of carry on the legal and political social scientific program. Making the most of the advantages actively is the aim for APIL to establish the academic position.

  Secondly, realize the routinization of “The Forum of Asian Law School Deans”. This forum is hosted by Renmin University of China School of Law, aiming at advancing Asia-Pacific legal education and research. The forums develop the cooperation and exchanges of Asian education with impressive achievements. After the establishment, we will support this forum as usual and contribute ourselves in this area.

  Thirdly, APIL will make the Asia-Pacific Legal Seminar regularly and the Asia-Pacific Legal Research periodically. After the setup, we will hold seminars in different contents and areas, at the same time in order to provide an exchange platform. We will make effort to develop this journal into an authority.

  The Think Tank of Asia-Pacific Legal Development

  APIL will exert its effectiveness of Think Tank in society and nongovernmental organization by hold various activities focus on Asia-Pacific Law. APIL will open many kinds of courses which aims at members in government, public institutions, companies, and legal advisory organization.

  In addition, we will commit ourselves in intramural resource consolidation of Law School, strengthen the cooperation and exchange with Lawyer School and IP School. This can combine APIL’s international and high-end advantages to the practical advantages of Lawyer School and the IP advantages of IP School, so that we can open sorts of training activities. Making the most of advantages to hold membership and club activities for making APIL a international platform for Asia-Pacific elites.

  The Research Base of Asian Legal System Integration

  East Asian integration is the best choice for maintaining East Asian peace and stability, seeking regional prosperity and development, and resolving border disputes, national conflicts and trade frictions.

  As the long-standing historical problems, national conflicts and border disputes have already been a threat to the East Asian peace and stability. Strengthening East Asian Legal system coordination has already been the significant means for seeking peace and stability and been attached attention by the world. However, there is blank in relative researches, especially in law area. Because of less scholarly forbidden area and easy to acquire results, higher level

  After the establishment, we will actively set up cooperation with research institution in every country, for making it a permanent mechanism and pushing it to a strategic viewpoint. Nowadays, we have already made connections with the institutions in Japan and South Korea.

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