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Law school dean of University of the Philippines visited Asia-Pacific Institute of Law

On 18th May, Dean Danilo L. Concepcion from Law school of University of the Philippines and his wife Professor Gabriela Concepcion visited Asia-Pacific Institute of Law Renmin University, Dean Han Dayuan, vice dean Zhou Yiqin and vice dean Ding Xiangshun attended the meeting.


Vice Dean Zhou gave a welcome speak and hoped that, Law school of University of the Philippines and the Renmin University have more communication and exchange program in the future. First of all, Dean Han and Dean Concepcion introduced to each other the basic situation of own law school. As one of the most famous law school in Philippines, every year the number of students who have passed bar examination is on the top  Then, vice dean Zhou reviewed her learning experience in Southeast Asia. Next, Dean Concepcion hoped two sides can strengthen exchanges in order to promote the further development of Philippines-China relations. The form of exchange programs can be exchange students, research and educational activities, organization of seminars and legal forums and so on. Professor Concepcion also mentioned that next year the Asian Law Institute (ASLI) 14th Conference will be held at University of the Philippines, he cordially invited us to attend.




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